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Google DevFest UK & Ireland 2021: "What I Learned from Building a Flutter App for Cat-Sitters"

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DevFest UK & Ireland 2021 is a hybrid one-day conference on January 29, 2022. The Google Developer Group (GDG) community organizes it. Google originally scheduled this conference for November 27, 2021. But the talks were only announced in mid-October. That was probably not enough time for enough attendees to sign up, so Google moved the conference two months out.

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My talk will be on Saturday, January 29, 2022. The talks don’t have a URL of their own. Instead, they are overlay windows. So please go to the conference page, search for “Silz”, then click on my picture. Now my bio opens up in the middle of the speaker section (you probably have to scroll up). In that window, you then click on the “What I Learned from Building a Flutter App for Cat-Sitters” link at the bottom to see my talk. Could this be any more complicated?!


Cat-sitters in the UK are less familiar with smartphones than average users. An app for their job is just a tool that needs to work and then gets out of the way. And in their work, they often have no or just a shaky network connection.

My challenge was to build iOS and Android apps for these users while simultaneously working on the Angular web app for managers and the Java back-end. I’m the lone developer in the SaaS start-up “Your Home In Good Hands”. How could I succeed?!

That’s where Flutter and Firebase came to the rescue: Flutter allowed me to build mobile apps efficiently. And services like Firebase Authentication, Firebase Storage and Google Maps did much of the heavy lifting. I’ll discuss the advantages of Flutter and Firebase and how I dealt with Flutter challenges.

My talk also details how I made the mobile apps easy to use and how they work offline. Finally, I’ll discuss how the mobile and web apps share a design language while respecting their platforms.

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