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Picking a popular technology makes our developer life easier. My free, quarterly newsletter measures Java technology popularity by following the money: job ads in 59 countries and online course purchases by 60+ million developers. It also analyzes developer interest with Google searches and developer engagement with questions at Stack Overflow.

Update for Q4/2023: Developer job ads dipped 30% in 2023. Monthly Stack Overflow questions dropped 42% since ChatGPT, with JavaScript at -56% and Python at -59%. Since June 22, Udemy's first-time Python course purchases have outpaced Java's 7.1 million to 2 million. Job ads for Quarkus and Micronaut continue to rebound.
The Java technologies are: IDEs, build tools, JVM languages, databases, back-end frameworks, web frameworks, and mobile app frameworks. I also recommend options in each of these seven areas. My recommendations are based on that popularity, industry analysis, and my 24 years of Java experience.
Why popularity? Because popular technologies are easier to learn, build, debug & deploy, easier to find jobs/hire, and easier to convince teammates & bosses. Popularity can make a difference in two situations: When multiple technologies score similarly, we could go for the most popular one. And when a technology is very unpopular, we may not use it.

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I also help you get started with technologies that are important for us Java developers.
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