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My quarterly "Java Tech Popularity Index" measures the popularity of IDEs, build tools, JVM languages, databases, back-end frameworks, web frameworks, and mobile app frameworks with data from millions of developers: job ads from 59 countries, online training buyers, Stack Overflow questions, and Google searches.
Update for Q2/2023: All back-end frameworks lost job ad share to Jakarta EE. VS Code was #2 in IDE job ads, beating IntelliJ. React still only had a slim job ads lead over Angular. Python beat Java by 3x for Udemy course buyers. In Stack Overflow questions, Postgres overtook MySQL, and Gradle surpassed Maven.
Why popularity? Because picking a popular technology makes our developer life easier: easier to learn, easier to build, debug & deploy, easier to find jobs/hire, and easier to convince teammates & bosses. Now popularity can make a difference in two situations: When multiple technologies score similarly, we could go for the most popular one. And when a technology is very unpopular, we may not use it.
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