How to Build Java Applications Today?

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My monthly “Java Full-Stack Report” has news, technology recommendations, important releases, and an editorial. My technology recommendations are partially based on popularity. I measure popularity with job ads from 63 countries, online training students, Stack Overflow questions, and Google searches.

I also help you get started with technologies that are important for us Java developers.

I share slides, videos, additional information, and links to get started for my conference and JUG talks.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

  • I’ve been a full-stack Java developer for 23 years. And I still write code nearly every single day.
  • As a Java news reporter at InfoQ, I know what’s happening in the software development world.
  • As CTO of my own SaaS start-up, I’m constantly evaluating how to better build & run a Java back-end, a web front-end, and native mobile apps.

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