How to Build Java Applications Today?


Java is a registered trademark of Oracle
Java is a registered trademark of Oracle
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Java Developers Pick More Technologies & Tools More Often

Are you confused as well? Life has gotten harder for us Java developers:

  • Shift-left testing and DevOps have taken hold. So we now worry about testing, running, and supporting our applications.
  • Microservices free us to choose different technology stacks for our Java back-ends.
  • Front-ends were once part of our Java applications. Now we build separate front-end applications. That’s Single Page Applications (SPA) for the web and mobile apps on iOS & Android.
  • We can replace components in our environments with cloud components. Then cloud vendors worry about coding, testing, running, and supporting them. So we can subsitute our time for money!
  • We have more alternatives. There are many Java distributions, Spring has competition again, and NoSQL can store our data. And in web and mobile, tools & technologies always develop at a breakneck speed.
  • The update speed has increased: Where a new major Java version came out every 3-5 years, now it’s every six months! Typescript even releases 4-6 versions a year.

So yes, we Java developers do pick more technologies & tools more often today. So which do we pick to build Java applications?

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My Picks for Java Technologies & Tools

Here’s my list of technologies & tools for building Java applications today. I hope it inspires you to explore new avenues for your projects! Sign up to my newsletter to receive updates on my picks.

Disclaimer: This list is for informational purposes only! You need to evaluate technologies & tools yourself before applying them in your projects.

Category Java Back-End Web Front-End
Winner Runner-Up Winner Runner-Up
IDE IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate ($) Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate ($) Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers
Version Control Git Git
Build Tool Gradle Maven npm yarn
Application Generator JHipster Spring Boot JHipster
Framework Spring Eclipse MicroPofile Angular React
Runtime AdoptOpenJDK HotSpot AdoptOpenJDK OpenJ9 Typescript JavaScript
Notable libraries JaVers, Apache POI, Apache PDFBox ag-Grid, Firebase Authentication, Uppy
Data Storage PostgreSQL MySQL IndexedDB Web Storage
Unit Tests JUnit Cypress Jest
Integration Tests JUnit Cypress Jest
End-to-End Tests Cypress Protractor
Simple Deployment Docker Compose Fat JAR Angular CLI Webpack
Complex Deployment Kubernetes AWS
Notable Tools SDKMAN! Homebrew
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