Author: Karsten Silz
Oct 27, 2021   |  updated Feb 16, 2023 1 min read


Getting Started

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I help you get started with various technologies.

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Java Technologies

Native Java produces native executables that are smaller, start faster, use less RAM and are more secure.

JHipster is an open-source Java code generator. It produces Java applications with production-level code quality, without proprietary layers. Use it to build production applications or learn about technologies.

JaVers is an open-source Java framework for version histories of your domain objects.

Declarative UIs are the state-of-the-art in building user interfaces.

Meta’s React is the most popular framework for building web applications.

Meta’s React Native is the the second-most popular cross-platform framework for building native iOS & Android applications from one codebase.

Google’s Flutter is the most popular cross-platform UI toolkit for building native mobile, desktop, and web applications.

Google Firebase can replace or complement your back-end with. Many of its services are free of charge.

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