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JHipster 6.2.0: Last bug I reported got fixed!

JHipster portrait #2

JHipster 6.2.0: No important updates for Java or Angular, but “my” last bug got fixed!

The JHipster team released the minor version 6.2.0 on August 1, 2019. Six weeks after the last release 6.1.2, we get various updates. The major dependencies I care about remain unchanged from the last release: Spring Boot at version 2.1.6 is just one step behind the current 2.1.7 release. But at version 8.0.0 in JHipster, Angular trails the current 8.2.2 release by quite a bit.

The biggest news to me is that the last bug I found for fake data was fixed. That’s why I updated the second installment of the “Better Java Projects Faster with JHipster and Docker” tutorial: Now the generated code fully works out of the box — no workarounds required anymore! Thank you, JHipster team!

Github has the 176 closed tickets and merged pull requests for this release.

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