Author: Karsten Silz
Jan 31, 2023   |  updated Apr 13, 2023 2 min read


Java Full-Stack Report February 2023: Retrospective

What’s This?

Looking back and looking forward: New technology in my Java contract gig, I’ll talk about native Java at LJC Java Live in February, and my QCon Plus London 2022 Flutter talk is public.


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I told you that I started a new Java contract on January 3. Two sprints in, I can share that I’m working with some technologies I haven’t touched before. Namely Spring Boot 3, Kubernetes, MongoDB, and React. After many years, I also work with Maven again — and realize I still like Gradle a lot better.

My first conference talk of the year is at Germany’s biggest Java conference, JavaLand. It’s about when native Java with GraalVM is worth it. As it seems to have become a tradition, I first give my conference talk to the London Java Community (LJC). I was already booked for a regular online talk in early March when suddenly, a slot opened up at LJC Live on February 16. That’s a monthly on-site event with two speakers. And I’m now one of them! This cuts my preparation time a bit short. But who says that deadline pressure is wrong?! 😅 So if you’re in London on February 16, I’d love to see you at LJC Live!

Last year, I talked about Google’s Flutter at QCon London and then at QCon Plus. The QCon Plus talk was prerecorded. I edited it myself, so it’s quite polished, if I may say so. 😏 And that talk is now public on InfoQ — as a video and text transcript. So if you want to know about Flutter, view or read for yourself!

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