Author: Karsten Silz
May 4, 2022 2 min read


Java Full-Stack Report May 2022: Stand-Up

What’s This?

This is my personal look back at the last month.


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Apart from my day job, I worked on two projects last month: An InfoQ article series about native Java and talks for May. Well, I’ve worked on the article series for a couple of months now, but the articles only started appearing in April. Now I’m the editor, not the author. That means I provide input on the directions of the article. And then I review the article drafts, trying to make the articles both clearer and shorter - on behalf of the InfoQ readers. 😃 Read all about the four article that have been published so far in this news story.

On April 26, I gave a talk to the London Java Community (LJC) on Flutter for Java developers. That was a dry run for my four talks at three conferences in the first two weeks of May. Three of them are about Flutter. 😉

  • I start at JAX in Mainz, Germany. It’s my first time there. When you read this, I will have given two German talks on May 3 and May 4 - one about Google’s Flutter for Java developers, one about showing data versions in Java applications.
  • Then on May 10, I’ll talk at QCon Plus about Flutter. Even though this is the same topic as my QCon London talk from last month, I made a lot of changes: It’s shorter overall at 39 minutes, has more of some areas and less of others. It’s pre-recorded, so I spent a couple of hours cutting the video (and adding some short credits at the end).
  • Finally, I’ll talk about Flutter for Java developers again at Devoxx UK on May 12. Last year, I gave a 15-minute talk there about front-ends for Java developers. I must have done something right, because this year I got a 50-minute session. Either that, or not too many speakers applied…

I guess I’ll be talk-fatiqued on the last day of Devoxx UK. That’s actually Friday the 13th. What can go wrong!

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