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AdoptOpenJDK: Releases January 2021

AdoptOpenJDK released its quarterly update: JDK 8u282, 11.0.10, and 15.0.2. Eclipse OpenJ9 released version 0.24.0.

JHipster 7: Beta available

The first beta of JHipster 7 is available. We get Spring Boot 2.3, Vue.js in the core, JavaScript testing with Cypress, Angular 11 with Angular CLI builds, and much more.

AdoptOpenJDK: Releases November 2020

The leading OpenJDK distribution AdoptOpenJDK released updates to JDK 8 and 11.

Spring Boot 2.4 GA: Still No Native Images

Spring Boot 2.4 pushes Docker images and revamps config file processing. But we still can't create native programs through GraalVM!

JHipster 6.10.5: Security Patch & Bug Fixes

JHipster 6.10.5 patches a vulnerability in Undertow and fixes bugs. Unless you need that, wait for JHipster 7.0 before upgrading.

Spring 5.3 GA: Last Spring 5.x Release for JDK 8?

Spring 5.3 is out, the last release of the 5.x branch. It probably also is the last release for JDK 8. It will get "extended maintenance until 2024".