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AdoptOpenJDK: Releases November 2020

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What’s This About?

AdoptOpenJDK released minor updates to its two JDK LTS releases (8 and 11). They fix regressions “that could crash the virtual machine”. The Java 8 update is for both the HotSpot VM and the Eclipse OpenJ9 VM, the Java 11 update is for Hotspot only.

What’s in the Release?

Java 8 gets 4 fixes, Java 11 just two.

Usually, OpenJDK releases are quarterly. The last ones came in October. So these releases are outside the regular release schedule.

Should I Upgrade?


Where Can I Get It?

You can get all these JDK releases on the AdoptOpenJDK release page.

When Will the Next JDK Versions Be Out?

We expect JDK 16 on March 16, 2021. JDK 17, the next LTS release, should be out in September 2021.

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