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JHipster 7: Beta available

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What’s This About?

The JHipster team released the first beta of version 7 on December 21, 2020. JHipster is an application generator for microservice and monolith applications. Until 2020, JHipster was Java-only. But it now has Dot.Net and NodeJS support in beta.

What’s in the Release?

These are the main features:

Should I Upgrade?

No. Even if you want to use the beta, you can’t upgrade existing projects automatically .

Where Can I Get It?

You install the beta with: npm install -g generator-jhipster@beta You can only create new projects with it, but not automatically upgrade old ones.

When Will the Next Version Be Out?

JHipster 7.0 is hopefully an early 2021 release. You can follow the release through its Github project.

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