Author: Karsten Silz
Oct 8, 2022   |  updated Oct 31, 2022 2 min read


Java Full-Stack Report October 2022: Stand-Up

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What’s This?

This is my personal look back at the last month.


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I did it again: For the second time in the history of this newsletter, an issue is late. Why did this issue go out three days later than planned?

I just attended JAX London and gave two talks there (here and here). So I planned to do most of the newsletter writing the week before the conference, but there my day job took priority. 😔

And then this is an issue where I do my quarterly popularity update. This takes a couple of days. I do collect data for the job and Udemy learners each month, but I only update the 38 charts once a quarter. This time, I also added a new data point (market share of mobile frameworks in the installed base). And some of the existing charts saw improvements: The Google search charts now always have the current values above the chart and peak values below it, some of the Google search charts now go back three years instead of two, and some of the job ad charts now have all the data in one chart instead of two (like the JVM language one).

With JAX London behind me, I got one more conference ahead of me: W-JAX Munich. I’ll talk about Google’s Flutter for Java developers on Nov 8 — again. Say hi if you see me there!

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