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Jun 1, 2022   |  updated Jul 6, 2022 2 min read


Java Full-Stack Report June 2022

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What’s This?

This is the Java Full-Stack Report for June 2022. It has technology recommendations, important releases, and news. My technology recommendations are partially based on measured popularity.

This month: What will be in Java 21, IntelliJ will look like Visual Studio Code which doesn’t replace IntelliJ, all Java frameworks have major releases, and surge of React & React Native in job ad mentions over.

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Table Of Contents


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Charts for Google searches and questions at Stack Overflow show more data, my “H1/2022 Conference Tour” is over, I’ll speak at an Angular user group for the first time, and I finished the InfoQ article series on native Java.

Technology Index

Popularity trends: Many technologies are back up to their March levels in job ad mentions, but the surge of React & React Native against Angular & Flutter came to an end this month. Also, see my recommendations for a JVM language, a database, a back-end framework, a web framework, and a mobile app framework.

Release Radar

Spring Boot, Quarkus, Micronaut, and IntelliJ had major releases in May 2022. All but Dropwizard also had minor releases, as did Git and IntelliJ.

New & Noteworthy

What will be in Java 21, IntelliJ will look like Visual Studio Code, but Visual Studio Code is not an IntelliJ replacement, native Java makes Java in the cloud cheaper (Complete Edition), and Java turns 27.

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