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Apr 7, 2022   |  updated May 1, 2022 2 min read


Java Full-Stack Report April 2022: Stand-Up

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What’s This?

This is my personal look back at the last month.


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It took 62 issues to miss my publication deadline finally: This issue is a day late, publishing on Apr 7 instead of Apr 6. Why?

Because I gave a talk at QCon London on Apr 4! That wasn’t the plan: I helped organize the “Modern Java” and “Current Trends in Frontends”. And on Mar 31, just two working days before the conference started, a speaker on the frontends track had to drop out. So I volunteered a talk to fill the hole in the schedule. I took my German “Flutter for Java developers” talk that I gave three weeks earlier at JavaLand, translated it, took out the Java parts, and updated most of it anyway. It was a mad dash, and I was still working on the slides shortly before speaking. I think I did ok. So much for enjoying QCon!

But this also meant that instead of working on my newsletter, I spent the weekend of Apr 2 & 3 working on my talk. So that’s one reason why the newsletter is later. The other is a change at Indeed, my source for job ads: They don’t operate in Russia anymore. So all my numbers of mentions in job ads weren’t directly comparable with the data I get now. So I went back and updated all job ad charts for all technologies by removing mentions in Russia.

What else happened?

I gave two talks at JavaLand in Germany (the Flutter one and one about version histories). I gave a virtual talk last year but was on-site this year. The conference is in an amusement park! This meant great lunch (at least five different restaurants were open) but fewer talks on the “hallway track”: It sometimes took me ten minutes to get from one place to the next, so no time for chatting! You could also go on some rides one evening. But I was still working on my talks, so I passed on that opportunity. Maybe next year!

I also spoke at the Google Developer Group Milton Keynes about what I learned from building a Flutter app for cat-sitters. Another talk about Flutter - I notice a trend here!

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