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JHipster 6.0.1 & 6.1: Bug fixes and Angular 8

Ivy growing on a tree

JHipster 6.0.1: Bug fixes

JHipster released version 6.0.1 on May 10, 2019. As the first patch release a week after JHipster 6.0, it has only bug fixes.

Github has the 64 closed tickets and merged pull requests for this release.

JHipster 6.1: Angular 8

JHipster released version 6.1 on June 11, 2019, a month after the 6.0.1 bug fix release described above. Apart from bug fixes and minor feature updates, the headline feature of this release is the switch from Angular 7 to Angular 8. Why is Angular 8 such a big deal?

Angular has a compiler which takes your Typescript code and the HTML templates and turns them into Javascript code for your browser to run. The Angular team is changing two core pieces here — the build system around the compiler and the compiler itself. Angular 8 has previews of these changes, while Angular 9 (November?) will hopefully see them finished:

Since JHipster defines the Angular build system, JHipster also needs to switch to Bazel. So we can leave Bazel alone for now. However, you may opt-in to Ivy. I wouldn’t recommend that since Ivy, by Google’s own measurements, doesn’t produce smaller JavaScript files, yet.

Github has the 182 closed tickets and merged pull requests for this release.

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