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I found bugs in JHipster 6.0 and 6.1

Software bugs

Bugs in 6.0…

When I worked on the second part of my “Better Java Projects Faster with JHipster and Docker” tutorial, I found three bugs.

  • The first bug concerned a new feature in JHipster 6.0, the so-called fake data. Yeah, I know, but I didn’t call it that, the JHipster folks did! Anyway, JHipster creates random data for entities defined in your JDL file. Github issue #9721 details some ways in which that fake data was wrong and actually broke your application.
  • The next issue, #9726, was much less severe. It just describes some unnecessary Java compiler warnings during the DTO mapper generation.
  • The final issue, #9726, was more impactful again: Under admittedly rare circumstances — a relationship between two entities which was required on both sides — the Angular code for creating / updating said entities was partially broken.

…and fixes in 6.1

I can happily report that the JHipster team fixed these three bugs in JHipster 6.1.

But wait, there’s more!

Unfortunately, I found two more bugs when verifying those three issues:

  • Issue #9990 shows how JHipster generates fake data doesn’t honor the unique ID requirement of my entity.
  • Issue #9991 demonstrates what a difference a ! can make: There is one too many in the Typescript class for an Angular create / update screen, so the code goes into an else branch where it shouldn’t.

I expect issue #9991 to be fixed soon. I’m not so sure about issue #9990.

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