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JDK 15: Multi-Line Strings And... Well, Just Multi-Line Strings, I Guess

Number 15

What’s This About?

Has it been six months already? Yep: Today, Oracle released JDK 15 or “Next Java LTS, beta 4”. That release comes half a year after JDK 14. And JDK 16 will supersede JDK 15 in another half a year, next March.

I know, I made this beta joke already in last week’s link post. But Oracle agrees: The president of its Java Platform Group, [Georges Saab, said],( “Developers can look at JDK 15 now to get an idea of what will be in JDK 17”. Now that’s what I call a beta!

What’s in the Release?

It’s mostly previews and deprecations. Unless you’re into garbage collectors, the biggest new feature is multi-line strings:

String html = """
                      <p>Hello, world</p>

Should I Upgrade?


If you’re on the bleeding edge and need this release, you know it and don’t need my advice.

Where Can I Get It?

The Oracle JDK 15 — which isn’t free for production — is available here. Oracle’s OpenJDK 15 builds are also out. But the popular OpenJDK distributor AdoptOpenJDK doesn’t ship JDK 15, yet.

When Will the Next JDK LTS Version Be Out?

JDK 17 will be out in September 2021. So only one more beta with JDK 16 next March!

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