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Apr 7, 2022   |  updated May 1, 2022 2 min read


Java Full-Stack Report April 2022

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What’s This?

This is the Java Full-Stack Report for April 2022. It has technology recommendations, important releases, and news. My technology recommendations are partially based on measured popularity. This month: Java 18 is here, zero-day exploit hits Spring Boot, Kotlin, Postgres, Jakarta EE, and Flutter lose job ad mentions, Quarkus is #3 in job ad mentions for the first time, and I spoke at QCon London.

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This issue is late because I gave a talk at QCon London and updated all job charts, I spoke at JavaLand in Germany and the Google Developer Group Milton Keynes.

Technology Index

Popularity trends: Kotlin, Postgres, Jakarta EE, and Flutter are the “losers of job ad mentions” this month. Quarkus is #3 in job ads mentions for the first time (behind Spring Boot & Jakarta EE). Also, see my recommendations for a JVM language, a database, a back-end framework, a web framework, and a mobile app framework.

Release Radar

OpenJDK, Micronaut, Eclipse, VS Code, and Netbeans had major releases. Maven, Gradle, Spring Boot, Quarkus, and DropWizard had minor ones.

New & Noteworthy

Java 18 is here, zero-day exploit hits Spring Boot, and Java Heap Deep Dive, Part 2.

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