Author: Karsten Silz May 19, 2019   |  updated Aug 1, 2019 1 min read


How JHipster and Docker saved my first Angular Java project

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Do you face these challenges in your Java project?

  • Are you or your team struggling with Angular, React, NoSQL, or microservices?
  • Uncertainty about how DevOps, containers, and the cloud impact Java?
  • Can’t find the results-oriented online training for these new technologies?

If your answer is “Yes”, then I can help you!

Wait, who made me the expert!? I faced all these challenges completing my first Angular project last year. But thanks to JHipster and Docker, I successfully led the project into production and saved a ton of time. I liked JHipster and Docker so much that I started a second project with it in my spare time already.

So let me tell you my story. If you like what you hear, then let me teach you JHipster and Docker so that you can save a ton of time on your next Java project, too!

Want more?

If you want to read the whole tutorial, then head over to the first installment of the “Better Java Projects Faster with JHipster and Docker” tutorial.

Java Tech Popularity Index Q4/2023:
Developer job ads dipped 30% in 2023. Monthly Stack Overflow questions dropped 42% since ChatGPT, with JavaScript at -56% and Python at -59%. Since June 22, Udemy's first-time Python course purchases have outpaced Java's 7.1 million to 2 million. Job ads for Quarkus and Micronaut continue to rebound.

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