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JHipster 6.6.0 - 6.10.1: Catching Up

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JHipster 6.6.0: Strict Typescript with Angular and Swagger UI v3

The last 2019 release arrived just in time for Christmas: December 22, 2019. But it didn‘t bring big gifts, er, headline features. But look for yourself in the release notes or the 221 closed tickets and merged pull requests.

JHipster 6.7.0: Spring Boot 2.2

The first release of 2020 finally brought Spring Boot 2.2.4 on February 6, 2020. As I discussed before, that version of Spring Boot uses less memory and starts up faster. The release also support OAuth2 for reactive applications and the Google Knative abstraction on top of Kubernetes. Here are the release notes and all 206 closed tickets and merged pull requests.

JHipster 6.7.1: Kubernetes and OAuth Fixes

The small release arrived six days after 6.7.0 and fixes bugs in Kubernetes and OAuth. Please see the release notes and the 62 closed tickets and merged pull requests for details.

JHipster 6.8.0: Angular 9

March 8, 2020 brought us Angular 9 in JHipster, a month after that version’s release. Angular 9’s main claim to fame is the new renderer called Ivy. It‘s the forth Angular renderer (hence the name: IV-y) and promises to deliver smaller and faster Javascript bundles to web browsers. Despite being three months late, Ivy still underwhelmed at release against Google‘s earlier promises of 3 KB bundle sizes. Find out more in the release notes and the 190 closed tickets and merged pull requests.

JHipster 6.9.0: Circle CI, better reactive applications and test containers

This release added support for the Continuous Integration system Circle CI and testcontainers (Docker containers helping Java tests) on May 17, 2020. It also improved Neo4J usage, a NoSQL database. Here are the release notes and the 316 closed tickets and merged pull requests.

JHipster 6.9.1: Angular and OAuth Fixes

Showing up two weeks after 6.9.0, this release fixes bugs in Angular and OAuth user persistence. The release notes and the 95 closed tickets and merged pull requests have the details.

JHipster 6.10.0: Angular 10, Microservices on GAE, and Heroku Improvements

The last major release landed June 28, 2020, with Angular 10 as the headline feature. The JHipster deployment support of Google App Engine now included microservices, and JHipster deployment to Heroku received more features. The release notes have more details, as do the 140 closed tickets and merged pull requests.

JHipster 6.10.1: Angular Fix

The current release got out on July 4, 2020, and fixes a Swagger issue with Angular. The release notes say it all, pointing to just two merged pull requests in what must be the smallest JHipster release in a while.

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