Weekly Links: December 28, 2020

Eclipse Adoptium ready for community review, Oracle JRE and JDK cryptographic roadmap, Inside Java podcast: "Project Panama - The Foreign Linker API", Ruby 3.0, and Helidon 2.2.0.

JHipster 7: Beta available

The first beta of JHipster 7 is available. We get Spring Boot 2.3, Vue.js in the core, JavaScript testing with Cypress, Angular 11 with Angular CLI builds, and much more.

Weekly Links: December 21, 2020

Netflix scales its API with GraphQL Federation, Maven has a speed daemon, and JavaScript turns 25. Releases: Eclipse IDE 2020-12 and Spring Tools 4.9.0.

Video Available for My "Build IT Right 2020" Talk

I gave a 20-minute conference talk at "Build IT Right 2020". The video is now available.

Weekly Links: December 14, 2020

Space is here, as is Kubernetes 1.20, Docker 20.10, Docker Desktop 3.0.0, Spring Boot 2.4.1/2.3.7/2.2.12, and Spring 5.3.2/5.2.12/5.1.20/5.0.20/4.3.30. That's a lot of releases!

Conference Report: LJC Unconference 2020

December 12, 2020, marked my second LJC Unconference. Naturally, it was online - and worked surprisingly well.