Author: Karsten Silz Sep 8, 2020 2 min read


JHipster Gets Spring Boot 2.3!


Spring Boot 2.3 Landed In May 2020

On May 15, 2020, Spring Boot 2.3 got released. The release highlights are (taken straight from the Medium article link):

  • Support for building Docker images using Cloud Native Buildpacks
  • Support for building layered jars for building optimized Docker images
  • Support for Java 14
  • End-to-end traceability for configuration properties
  • Support for (Kubernetes) liveness and readiness probes
  • Improved VMWare Tanzu Observability Wavefront support
  • GA Support for R2DBC
  • New condition annotation @ConditionalOnWarDeployment
  • Numerous dependency upgrades

I think we JHipster users don’t need the Docker image improvements because JHipster uses Google Jib to achieve similar goals. I actually gave a lightning talk about his in May 2020.

I’d argue that the main feature is that this major Spring Boot release came out just seven months after Spring Boot 2.2. It seems that the Spring team wants to keep the pace: Spring Boot 2.4 is expected for October/November 2020.

JHipster Will Support This!

JHipster has an issue for supporting Spring Boot 2.3 since before that release was done. For a while, there was no activity anymore. I even suggested waiting for Spring Boot 2.4 instead. But then the issue finally got closed in early September.

So the next JHipster release will be based on Spring 2.3. At the time of writing, the current JHipster release is 6.10.1. I guess that the new release will either be 6.11 or 7.0.

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