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InfoQ Article: Visual Studio Code Boosts Java IDE Capabilities

I wrote an InfoQ article about how Microsoft's Visual Studio Code has recently become a better Java IDE.

InfoQ Article: Google Unveils New Firebase Features at Google/IO

I wrote an InfoQ article about Google's Firebase, probably the most popular Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service product out there.

InfoQ Article: Scala 3 Overhauls Language for Better Developer Experience

I wrote an InfoQ article about the long-awaited release 3.0 of Scala, the most popular functional JVM language.

InfoQ Article: Google's UI Toolkit Flutter 2.2 Claims Cross-Platform Crown

I wrote an InfoQ article about the version 2.2 of Google's cross-platform UI toolkit Flutter.

InfoQ Article: OSGi Working Group Settles into New Home at Eclipse Foundation

This InfoQ news article is about the OSGi Working Group (WG) incubation at Eclipse. The WG ratified the charter, created 2 committees and 2 working groups, and migrated its code repositories.

I'm a News Writer At InfoQ

I published two articles already and hope to become a permanent news editor at InfoQ.