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My JHipster talk at Java Forum Stuttgart 2019

Audience before my talk at the Java Forum Stuttgart 2019


I gave my German talk “When using the application generator JHipster is worth it — and when not” as part of the “Innovation and New Technologies” track of the “Java Forum Stuttgart 2019” conference. It is the biggest Java conference in the south-west of Germany with seven parallel tracks.

This year, the conference was on July 4. My presentation was first thing in the morning at 8:45.


The slides are available in two formats:

Demo Application

I generated a project with JHipster live during the presentation. It is a simple online shop with just a few entities.

Online Demo

The application was deployed as a Docker Compose File on Azure. Because I have to pay for hosting, I took down the application a couple of days after the talk. However, you can always clone the Git project and run it yourself - see the next section.

Demo Source Code

The source code is a public repository on Gitlab:

  • If you want to run it on your computer, you need Java 8 or 11 and Node.js. Please see the second installment of my “Better Java Projects Faster with JHipster and Docker” tutorial for help on installing this.
  • Once that’s covered, run gradlew.bat (Windows) or ./gradlew (macOS) to start the application. If everything works well, then you see the following output in your command prompt/terminal:

        Application 'my_simple_shop' is running! Access URLs:
        Local:          http://localhost:8080/
        External:       http://[your IP address]:8080/
        Profile(s):     [dev, swagger]
  • Now open in your browser to access the application. It should look like this:

The JHipster application running for the first time
The JHipster application running for the first time
  • Log in as either admin / admin or user / user.
  • Enjoy!

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