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Feb 28, 2023 2 min read


Java Full-Stack Report March 2023

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What’s This?

There’s no issue this month, as I decided to switch my newsletter from monthly to quarterly and remove the stand-up, news, and release sections. Why? Because since January, I’ve been juggling a full-time contract gig with my start-up. So I can’t spend as much time on this newsletter anymore.

Now the heart of my newsletter is the Java Technology Popularity Index. And I keep it! It tells you which Java technologies companies hires for in 59 countries with And for developers, it tells what online courses they buy at Udemy, what technologies they search for at Google, and how many questions they ask at Stack Overflow. And all of that for IDEs, build tools, programming languages, databases, back-end frameworks, front-end web frameworks, and mobile cross-platform frameworks – all the technologies you need to build Java applications today.

I publish updates to this index once a quarter already. But my newsletter also had three sections that also changed monthly:

  • Stand-Up: My look back at the last month and look forward to the coming month.
  • Release Radar: Essential tool & technology releases for Java developers.
  • New & Noteworthy: Last month’s most important news for Java developers.

So these sections are gone now. Sorry! Are you’re still interested in Java news & releases? Then I recommend reading the weekly “Java News Roundup” on InfoQ. It has – wait for it - Java news & release galore! It usually appears on Monday or Tuesday. Bookmark the Java topic on InfoQ, and you won’t miss the “Java News Roundup” and other news & articles!

I’m also changing the release date, so I can stretch out the work of assembling the index over more days. Next month is Easter, where I travel, so I’ll try the third Monday of April for now - April 17.

Next Issue

The next issue will arrive on Monday, Apr 17, 2023.

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