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Jan 4, 2023   |  updated Jan 31, 2023 2 min read


Java Full-Stack Report January 2023: Stand-Up

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What’s This?

This is my look back at the last month: Calendar and job ad woes, I wrote another GraalVM InfoQ article, and I started a new Java contract.


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Happy New Year to all of you! Here’s my resolution for the new year: Read the freakin’ calendar. You know, as in, “Read the calendar before determining the date of the next issue”, so that a wrong date, like “Wednesday, January 3, 2023”, doesn’t show on these pages. The first Wednesday in 2023 was January 4, of course. 😩

I measure popularity by counting job ads in 59 countries at I had three different woes this time around:

  • I now exclude China, Japan, and South Korea from the ranking because English word searches proved ineffective there. I adjusted all past numbers as well for this issue, so they are different from past issues.
  • Because of technical difficulties on my end, I don’t have the numbers for October 2022.
  • I also messed up the counting of Java jobs when battling the fact that searching for “Java” at Indeed also finds ads with “Javascript”. So my Java job numbers have been off since the beginning, and I discarded them. I’ll count Java jobs correctly now — hopefully. Mea culpa!*

I wrote another InfoQ article about the GraalVM Java Compilers Join OpenJDK in 2023. It combines three news items, plus three answers from all Java frameworks supporting native Java with GraalVM static AOT compilation (Spring Boot, Quarkus, Micronaut, and Helidon) and two Red Hat experts. Earlier in 2022, I edited a six-part InfoQ article series on the topic.

Because of our publication schedule, that one spent about a month on the shelves. Just my luck: Shortly before we finally published the article, Oracle provided more details on how the GraalVM Java Compilers will move to OpenJDK. Fortunately, my InfoQ colleague Ben Evans covered that superbly.

January 3, 2023, was also the day that I started a new Java contract. It’s three months for now, but it may be longer. I’m still working on our apps at “Your Home in Good Hands”. But we’re now in a place where I can do that nights & weekends only for now.

I can’t tell you about my contract, but it may include some technologies I haven’t worked on. Stay tuned! 😃

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