Author: Karsten Silz Oct 15, 2020 1 min read


Site Redesign, Part 3: New Tools Section


I’m now in the last step of overhauling this site to focus on which technologies & tools to use for building Java applications today. The new tools section will eventually contain an entry for every technology & tool that I picked for my home page. These entries help you get started!

For now, it’s got only one entry about JHipster. Well, that had to be the first one! 😌

This week in "How to Build Java Applications Today":
Oracle's Ron Pressler thinks most Java developers or their bosses don't care about money, Spring 6 supports Java modules, Adoptium OpenJDK Java 17, Micronaut 3.0, and Spring Boot 2.5.5 & 2.4.11.

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