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JHipster Conf 2: Conference report

Conference site entry in Paris

The annual JHipster conference was held in Paris on June 27, 2019. I was there and had a blast!

As the official blog post states, it was the hottest day of the year in Paris. But that didn’t keep 300 attendants from showing up! The conference had an English and a French track. Not speaking any French, it was the English track for me.

The day started with the keynote, which first recapped the big annual release — 6.0. Then we got an outlook on the roadmap. The main feature is to boost JDL — fold all project configuration into it and then enhance it:

Planned enhancements for JDL in JHipster
Planned enhancements for JDL in JHipster

Inheritance for entities?! Sign me up!

We’ll also get Prettier for Java (which is being ported by the JHipster team) for source code formatting. Finally, the talk mentioned several ports of JHipster in the works (e.g., to .NET and Node.js).

All the conference talks are on YouTube. I liked the one about the so-called side by side programming most: You don’t touch the code that JHipster generated, if possible, for easier JHipster upgrades. The talk about the Kotlin blueprint was also great since it demonstrated how to extend JHipster with said blueprints.

All in all, it was worthwhile attending JHipster Con 2. See you next year for JHipster Con 3!

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